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Miscellaneous & Smoke Detector Recycling Kits

Recycling kits cannot be shipped to the following states: Alaska, Hawaii & Maine.

Looking for smoke detector recycling kits? American Lamp Recycling is your source for products and services that make the recycling process easier. Smoke detector recycling kits are useful not only for safely removing your smoke detector and keeping your home and building safe, but also for keeping the environment clean. Our kits are specially designed to help you properly dispose of old or expired smoke detectors.

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IMPORTANT: This program is only for smoke detectors containing 5 microcuries or less of Americium 241.

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Why Should I Recycle Smoke Detectors?

As smoke detectors age, they become less reliable, and may even start emitting false alarms. To keep your family or staff safe from a possible fire, you want to ensure that your smoke detectors are always up to date and functioning properly. Be sure to replace your detectors as they approach end-of-life by using one of our smoke detector recycling kits.

It's important to recycle smoke detectors because they contain very small amounts of radioactive material. Proper disposal of old smoke detectors ensures that radioactive material doesn't end up in landfills and contaminate the surrounding environment. Read more here about the different types of detectors and why it's important to recycle them.

How to Recycle Smoke Detectors?

A question you may have is, “what do I do with the old smoke detectors?” At American Lamp Recycling, we offer recycling kits that get the job done. Our recycling kits come in either residential or commercial 5-gallon sizes to allow for safe and responsible disposal. To compare, our residential smoke detectors come in a 6″x6″x6″ box that can hold up to four smoke detectors, while our commercial 5-gallon kit has a fifty pound capacity. Simply choose the appropriately sized kit for your needs, and then reach out to us to start the recycling process.

Once you have packed up your smoke detector(s), you'll want to take them safely to your local recycling or waste management facility. At American Lamp Recycling, we will properly recycle all smoke detector materials for you. The way we do this is by labelling and transporting your materials to our Federal EPA, New York State DEC compliant facility for the recycling process. Once you have removed and recycled your old detector(s), you may be wondering what smoke detector you should buy next.

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Why choose American Lamp Recycling for your smoke detector recycling kits? Our company has proudly served clients for more than two decades. With full responsibility for appropriate disposal of your items, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to recycle components for reuse in full compliance with federal and state regulations. Check out all our recycling products here.

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