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Fluorescent lighting ballasts from light fixtures are being removed by the millions as a direct result of electric utility rebate programs. These energy conservation programs often include lighting retrofit projects which involve the installation of high-efficiency lamps and ballasts. The accelerated retirement of post-1980 ballasts poses a disposal problem because they may contain DEHP (2-ethylhexyl phthalate).

Beginning in 1980 lighting ballast manufacturers began using DEHP as a replacement for PCB’s (polychlorinated biphenyls) . DEHP is listed as a hazardous material under EPA’s RCRA regulations. Generators (Businesses) discarding of lighting ballasts should take the same precautions with their DEHP ballasts as they do with their PCB ballasts to avoid any future liabilities. Furthermore, “electronic lighting ballasts” contain circuit boards, which are known to contain various hazardous metals. These ballasts should be sent for recycling in order to prevent any future financial liability.

ALR offers a “Turnkey Environmental Management Service” for your Non-PCB and Electronic Lighting Ballasts. Whether your facility has small quantities or you generate large quantities from energy efficiency lighting “retrofit” projects, ALR has the experience that will provide you “Peace-of-Mind” and protect you from your financial environmental liability.