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Solutions no matter how large or small your needs might be.

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Custom pick-up & delivery solutions for 1 pallet or a trailer load of lamps & ballasts

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Kits that will allow the average homeowner to recycle...

Residential Kits

Simple, Efficient And Fully Compliant Recycling For Your Business And Home!


Whether you’re looking to recycle a few fluorescent lamps from your home or you want to recycle the entire lighting system of an industrial plant, you’ve arrived at the right site.

American Lamp Recycling (ALR) provides simple, efficient and fully compliant recycling programs to help commercial and residential customers dispose of federally and state designated “Universal Wastes” such as fluorescent lampsbatteriesmercury-containing deviceslighting ballasts and computer electronics safely and easily.

Our recycling process and programs are fully compliant with USEPA federal and state regulations-and we tailor programs and services to fit every customer’s need. ALR excels at compliance and customer service! We maintain impeccable standards in the operation of our recycling facility, with a professional staff versed and focused on compliance and customer satisfaction.

Customers with small quantities can take advantage of our convenient and less costly “Mail-Back Recycle Kits” designed for businesses and homes. However, if you generate larger quantities speak to our professional staff about pickup services provided by our reliable fleet of truck and trailer services – Nationwide!

Responsible lamp disposal is the law and ALR makes compliance simple. Give us a call so we can prove we are the best choice for you!

Whether providing recycling, packaging or transportation, ALR is confident we are the most reliable “Universal Waste” recycler in the USA.