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All types of Facilities are responsible for the recycling of their Universal Waste Fluorescent Lamps. All fluorescent lamps contain Mercury; a toxic material that should be kept out of the environment.  Mercury is considered a Hazardous Heavy Metal and is a dangerous contaminant when freely released into the environment. Regulations issued by the Federal Government require the proper management of spent-fluorescent lamps.

Facility Managers can turn to American Lamp Recycling (ALR) for a solution to this environmental liability. ALR is an industry leader in Universal Waste recycling services.  We offer proven Universal Waste recycling programs for Schools, Hospitals, Government Offices, Industrial Facilities and many more throughout the United States.

ALR offers recycling solutions for Fluorescent Lamps, Batteries, Computer Electronics, Mercury Devices, Lighting Ballasts and more!

ALR provides the highest level of compliance and customer satisfaction. Our expert staff is versed in all requirements related to the handling, transportation, and disposal of hazardous & Universal Waste.

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