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With over 20 years’ experience, American Lamp Recycling (ALR) is a pioneer in the mercury containing fluorescent lamp recycling field since the 90’s. All regulated waste material sent to us for recycling is brought to our facility, where we utilize state-of-the-art technology to reclaim components for reuse. In addition to helping the environment, our recycling process provides our customers with peace of mind. Not only do we take full responsibility for the complete disposal of all regulated waste material sent to us, we provide documentation verifying full compliance with current USEPA Federal and State Regulations.

Customer Service
ALR is also distinguished by our emphasis on customer service. We customize our programs to fit each customer’s specific needs. Many customers ship items to us in convenient packaging that we provide. Others take advantage of our Mail-In Recycle Kits and other tailored programs. An ALR representative can help you develop the program appropriate to your needs.

Turnkey Environmental Management Program
Customers with larger orders or retrofitting projects may require commercial transportation. We have our own fleet of vehicles operated by skilled, courteous drivers who are 40 Hour Hazwoper trained to assist and, if necessary, package various items and components for safe transportation. That’s a advantage. We supply all necessary documentation to verify that customers have complied with the letter of every regulation.

Long-Term Relationship
We welcome calls to begin a relationship that will not only solve your immediate needs but can serve any future needs for years to come.

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